See what some of my clients have said.

“Your latest report has just arrived — it looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you very much.  I am sure it will be the best Xmas gift of all this year.”  ~Bainbridge Island, Washington

“I am your biggest fan and looking forward to working with you in the future. Since people that know me are well aware of my ability to research out the “best people” to help with “situations”, and trust me – I will be sharing your contact information with others.”  ~ Salt Lake City, Utah

“ohohohohohoh Emily,……….THANK YOU!!!  Tears of joy are streaming down my face!!!!  Bless you my dear.  Thanks for giving me the good news right away.  I will be patient and read the details with the report.  All that matters for now is they have been found and my GGGG Grandma has a name, a heritage!!!!  OH my goodness!!”  ~ Nashport, Ohio

“Thank you for finding these ancestors that 3 generations have been looking for!”  ~ Salt Lake City, Utah

“Emily, thanks so much.  It looks great! Thanks so much for your help; you uncovered some fascinating stuff!” ~ New York, New York

“[Husband] and I went through your amazing and thorough report this morning. It was interesting to see [husband’s] reaction to actually seeing the information in black & white, and having it in tangible form. The information in this form seemed to sink in even deeper. It’s a testament to your incredible efforts and heartfelt hard work that [husband] now has the names of his parents. Thank you! Please know that you made a deep impact & difference in [husband’s] life. He is thrilled with the results and feels such gratitude for you. Once again Emily, Thank you!” ~ Santa Barbara, California