Watch “Questions and Ancestors”

Do you want to learn more about genealogical research?  Watch BYU Broadcasting’s “Questions and Ancestors”, a weekly radio and television series (filmed in 2006) hosted by myself and Darius Gray, co-director of Freedman’s Records Project.  In each of the 22 episodes we interview a genealogical expert, covering many different research topics and areas.

*UPDATE: The following videos have been removed from the BYU-TV website and are no longer available online.*

Episode 1: How to Get Started

Episode 2: The Family History Library, with Ray Wright

Episode 3: Digitizing the Granite Mountain Vault Records, with Rich Running

Episode 4: Big City Research, with Gordon Remington

Episode 5: Researching New England Ancestors, with David Lambert

Episode 6: DNA and Family History Research, with Scott Woodward

Episode 7: Basic Scandinavian Family History Research, with Gerald Haslam

Episode 8: Hispanic Research, with George Ryskamp

Episode 9: British Military Records, with John Kitzmiller

Episode 10: Early American Immigration, with Kory Meyerink

Episode 11: Asian Genealogical Research, with Basil Yang

Episode 12: Tracing LDS Families, with Kathryn Daynes

Episode 13: Native American Genealogy, with Jimmy Parker

Episode 14: Using Military Records in Family History, with Ken Nelson

Episode 15: Coats of Arms in Family History, with John Kitzmiller

Episode 16: Using Cemetery Records, with Gerald Haslam

Episode 17: How to do Oral History, with Amy Oaks Long

Episode 18: Daughters of the American Revolution, with Gloria Gibbel

Episode 19: How to do British Research, with Diane Loosle

Episode 20: How to do African American Genealogy, with Marie Taylor

Episode 21: Preserving Family Heritage, with Chris McAfee

Episode 22: How to Use the Internet in Your Research, with Kori Robbins